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Professional Hair Color Shades - Instant Garden Canopy 10x10.

Professional Hair Color Shades

professional hair color shades

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new hairs
Knowing from past experience, lifting my dark hair to blonde-blonde was probably not going to happen without going to a professional, but I was willing to give it a shot. It got to an orangey shade. The hair color directions said no longer than 45 minutes, so I rinsed it, dried it and then decided to go ahead and put more on and keep it on for another 30 minutes. It only lightened it a touch more. Even when my hair was much lighter in color, I could almost never get it to a white blonde shade. I got it pretty close once, and when I look back at those photos I can't believe I had my hair that light back then. I know a professional would be able to do it, since they can use toner to get the red out.

Since fall of 2007, I've had my hair dark, and surprisingly kept it dark all this time. It's probably the closest to my natural color, but I was getting bored of it and wanted to do something funkier with it. So now I have this orangey blonde streak. Fortunately, I happen to love orange. haha. I didn't want to try lightening it anymore in fear that my hair might actually break off, but I can live with this color. It definitely is funky. It actually reminded me of a time when I was in college that I lightened all of my hair and got a similar shade. Fortunately, I was in art school so having orange hair (intentional or not) kind of worked in my favor. As much as people I know tell me how much they liked my hair blonde, I doubt I'll be doing that again anytime soon. There was just too much maintenance involved. I don't mind roots that much, but after awhile the brassy tones really annoyed me. I haven't had that problem with my hair being darker.

D'cash professional Haircare cosmetics

D'cash professional Haircare cosmetics

D'Cash Professional Haircare Cosmetic

- Thu?c u?n toc ( Hair Wave: Luxury-DWave-Gene)

- Thu?c nhu?m toc 28 mau chuyen nghi?p ( Master Color Cream - 28 shades)

- B?o v? & du?ng toc Defender (Defender Hair Care )

- Kem h?p du?ng toc mau - u?n SALON va du?i ROMA ( Salon Treatment & salon Treatment )

- D?u g?i , nu?c khoang va tinh ch?t du?ng toc TONY ALLIANCE

- Nhom du?ng toc b? sung ( Regular Care Formular)

- Nhom du?ng toc tang cu?ng ( Extra Care Formula )

- B? s?n ph?m t?o n?p toc t? nhien (Natural Hold)

- B? s?n ph?m t?o n?p toc sieu c?ng (Extreme Hold )

- Kem t? nhu?m toc ca nhan cao c?p Intouch 21 mau ( Intouch Color Cream 21 sahdes)

professional hair color shades

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