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Make Wedding Canopy - Davis Tent Awning - Uno Fitter Lamp Shade

Make Wedding Canopy

make wedding canopy

    wedding canopy
  • A chuppah (???????, pl. ????????, chuppot, literally, "canopy" or "covering"), also huppah, chupah, or chuppa, is a canopy under which a Jewish bride and groom stand during their wedding ceremony.

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make wedding canopy - 10'x30' Party

10'x30' Party Wedding Tent Gazebo Pavilion Catering Carport Shelter New

10'x30' Party Wedding Tent Gazebo Pavilion Catering Carport Shelter New

Decorative Party Canopy is an attractive option for the party-thrower. High quality, rust & corrosion resistant powdered coated steel framework with beautiful window style sidewalls. The tents can hole up to 40 people. No drilling or similar tool is needed for setting up.
Rust & corrosion resistant powder coated steel framework
6 beautiful removable window style sidewalls
2 removable solid walls
Waterproof polythylene cover
PE joint fittings.
UV protection and can block up to 90% of the sun
Easy to set up
All necessary Hardware is included.

Dimensions: 30'L x 10'W x 8'2H
Frame Finish: White Powder Coated Steel w PE joint fittings
Top Cover Material: 120g Polyethylene +Water proof+UV
Side Wall Material : 120g Polyethylene +Water proof+UV
Canopy Color: White
Pole Diameter: 1.22", 1", 1"
Usage Party Tent: Wedding tent; Outdoor Canopy Canopy Weight : 78 pounds
Packing :One carton

Attention: This tent is not a heavy duty tent. We have a lot of heavy duty tent at reasonable price. Check our store
This tent requires approximately 2-4 people to set-up. It is up to you to determine if your assembly and anchoring of this canopy is sufficient. If you feel it needs to be held down better, you may need to purchase additional anchoring materials (stakes, weights etc.) locally.
In a windy day, please take off the sidewall. We are not responsible for damage to the unit sustained while erected in winds more than 8 MPH or other adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc.
**** Please note this type tent it is not recommended to be left up in the wind, rain or snow*****
****Never leave this tent up overnight. Gust of winds can damage them****
****Please note this is temporary shelter only****

77% (9)

Chuppah/Wedding Canopy, Kittel and Wedding Dress

Chuppah/Wedding Canopy, Kittel and Wedding Dress

(Canopy) Chuppah, marriage canopy of Rabbi Gilbert Steinberg, of Congregation Rishon L’tziyon, Brooklyn, NY, used in wedding ceremonies he conducted during the mid-twentieth century. On generous loan from his grandson, Rabbi Chaim Marder, of The Hebrew Institute of White Plains, White Plains, NY. This chuppah is still in use.

Jewish weddings differ in customs and observances depending on whether the wedding is Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform. In more traditional weddings, the chuppah or canopy is used as the structure under which the marriage ceremony of a Jewish bride and groom takes place. A chuppah consists of a cloth covering or sometimes a tallit or prayer shawl connected to four posts under which the bride and groom stand. This canopy is a symbol of the Jewish home that the bride and groom will build and share together.

(Kittel) On loan from Adam Small and Tova Rothman

A kittel is a white linen robe that is worn by Jewish men on special occasions. It signifies purity, holiness, and new beginnings. Traditionally, it is worn for the first time on a man’s wedding day. A kittel could also customarily be worn on high holidays like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and then ultimately as a burial shroud. A Jewish wedding is considered like a personal day of atonement when the couple will repent for their sins. On a man’s wedding day, it is customary that someone else helps the groom put the kittel on under the chuppah or wedding canopy. This symbolizes that on this particular day the groom is like a king who is dressed by his attendants and not by himself. Most Orthodox men would wear a kittel on their wedding day but that may differ with Conservative or Reform men.

(Gown) On loan from Carol Small

Just like a Jewish groom wears a white kittel, the bride is dressed in white to signify her purity. Before the actual wedding ceremony, another ceremony called a “bedecken” or veiling takes place. The groom is escorted by his father and future father-in-law and accompanied by musicians to the room where the bride is sitting on a chair like a queen and receiving her guests. The groom comes up to his bride and places the veil over his bride’s face. This symbolizes the groom’s intent to clothe and protect his wife, and dates back to Biblical times when Rebecca covered her face before she married Isaac. It also is important before the actual wedding ceremony for the groom to identify the bride before the wedding and make sure he is marrying the correct woman, a custom that is also from Biblical times.

chuppah stars

chuppah stars

What you see here are the beginnings of a chuppah ... the wedding canopy under which my beloved Brittney and her beloved Benn will stand and start their married life together.

It gives me great joy to make this for them. I hope it will be a thing of beauty, a little piece of time and memory captured in silk and thread and glass.

The design and the decorative elements all have highly symbolic aspects ... I am literally sewing my hopes and wishes and blessings for them into the chuppah :-)

make wedding canopy

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